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L-E-Vate desk

13th May 2022

Prime Practice offers a comprehensive range of sit-stand desks to meet your individual needs ranging from the L-E-Vate desk worktop to the world’s first 3D adjustable workstation. You can arrange to trial your choice of sit-stand desk before committing to purchase. Contact Nick today for more information. Phone: 07781 156118 or email:


15th April 2022

ARE YOU COMFORTABLE OR SUFFERING WITH BACK AND NECK PROBLEMS?   Since the advent of this recent Covid 19 pandemic outbreak, more and more people have been working from home, and for some it maybe on a permanent basis. There have been numerous reports of employees suffering with back and neck problems mainly caused by poor ergonomics  and workstations set up incorrectly, especially if laptops are being used whilst seated on a lounge sofa or at a kitchen table on a stool. Does this sound familiar? Employers do have a responsibility of care to ensure that their staff are reasonably safe in their workplace whether in their normal office environment or working from home on company business. Some offices have allowed their employees to take their office chairs and screens home for use whilst the lockdown has been in place but has anyone actually checked that these have been installed to match the postural requirements of the individuals concerned. Prime Practice has been providing ergonomic workstation assessments for over 20 years and this has included advising clients with setting up home offices. This has mainly applied to self-employed businesses but we are now receiving enquiries from employers to extend this...

We provided Situations Recruitment with office chairs.

12th March 2022

We were delighted to assist Situations Recruitment by providing all their office chairs. Nick also undertook a personal fitting to ensure each member of staff would receive the full benefit of their new chair. Nick Guillemette’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives him a distinct advantage when advising your staff on how to best use their equipment, improve their seating posture or alleviate any physical problems they may have. Prime Practice are the premier specialists in Guernsey on Postural Seating and Ergonomic Assessments. We’ve been supplying high quality office chairs to many Public and Private organisations throughout the Channel Islands for over 20 years. We also advise client companies on the best ergonomic use of their office equipment to help reduce work-related illnesses and low productivity caused by lost working days. Contact Nick today: 07781 156118 or 01481 256118 or Email:

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