Postural Seating

Guernsey’s Premier Supplier of

High Quality Office Chairs and

Sit-Stand Desks.

Prime Practice are the premier specialists in Guernsey on Postural Seating and Ergonomic Assessments. We’ve been supplying high quality office chairs to many Public and Private organisations throughout the Channel Islands for over 20 years. We also advise client companies on the best ergonomic use of their office equipment to help reduce work-related illnesses and low productivity caused by lost working days. The benefits of SIT-STAND DESKS are now being acknowledged by many leading ergonomic experts, in particular the very positive effect in respect of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Plus these desks meet the needs of countless office workers who suffer with ‘ Bad backs ‘ and debilitating Upper Limbs Disorders such Carpal Tunnel, Epicondylitis ( tennis elbow ) Tension neck syndrome etc. Coupled with vast experience gained from working at his clinic, Nick Guillemette’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives him a distinct advantage when advising your staff on how to best use their equipment, improve their seating posture or alleviate any physical problems they may have.

We Provide A Total Service

Clients get a unique personal fitting for the chairs and sit-stand desks that we supply (rather like having a suit made) to ensure they make use of all the special features incorporated in the chairs and desks. This is a double-edged sword for the employer: not only are they seen by their staff to be looking after their individual welfare, but they are purchasing very durable chairs and sit-stand desks for their employees which offer full postural support and a sound long-term investment for their company…many of Nick’s clients have chairs that are still working after 15 years use! Full maintenance support is provided on the chairs and desks that we represent and clients receive prompt after-sales service at all times.

Our extensive range of Quality Office Chairs & Sit-Stand desks offers you the best opportunity to select the right model to suit both your needs and your budget.So, why not trial one before committing to purchase!

These are some of the leading brands of office chairs  and desks which we represent in Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm:

If you are an employer looking to either set up a new office or refurbish your current one, or a concerned employee suffering with postural problems, please call Prime Practice today to explore your options.

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