Selecting The Correct Quality Office Chair

What do most companies look for when purchasing new office chairs? Usually this tends to fall into 2 catagories:

  • The Cost. – does the chair come within budget?
  • The Colour. – does the colour blend in with the office décor or match Corporate colours?

The last consideration is comfort and very few think about the adjustability of the chair.

Why are these so important? Obviously colour and cost are an integral consideration but if the chairs do not incorporate the following adjustments, the chair will not provide the correct support for your employees’ comfort and meet your responsibilities as an employer for your duty of care under the Guernsey Employment Law.

The Correct Adjustments.

  • Lumbar support: This should be adjustable both in height and depth using either an inflatable air cell or an adjustable metal plate. Our backs change shape during the day with poor posture and stress and these lumbar supports allow the user to cater for this.
  • Armrests: These should also be adjustable in height and width to provide full support for your forearms, especially when using a mouse or keyboard. Fixed height armrests are useless and usually catch on the edge of desks. Staff therefore tend to remove them.
  • Seat Slide: This allows the length of the seat to be adjusted to suit the length of the user’s hamstrings. This provides maximum support for your lower limbs and reduces the pressure on your lower back muscles.
  • Seat Height and Tilt: The seat back should be adjustable in height and angle to ensure the correct seating posture.

The height range of most standard office chairs caters for between 5’3” – 5’10” but anyone outside of this range is at risk, especially those of taller stature. Our UK manufacturers can provide chairs which range from 4’8” – 6’8” to meet everyone’s requirements. Prime Practice has been supplying quality office chairs since 1996 and many of our clients are still using our chairs after 15 years of wear!


SIT-STAND DESKS are really starting to gain a lot of favour in the workplace as science shows us that it’s a problem to sit for long periods of time without moving.  It’s bad for our health, frankly. The accumulating research reveals something disturbing, and intriguing. The health hazards of sitting for long periods are serious even for people who are seriously active when they’re not in a sitting position. Even if you go to the gym a lot, in other words, it’s still bad to be sitting for long periods of time at your desk.

Our extensive range of SIT-STAND DESKS offers you the opportunity to select the best type of sit-stand desk to suit both your needs and your budget. Plus we can provide you with a suitable model to trial before committing to purchase!

ZENKI is the World’s first 3D adjustable ergonomic workstation. It has been designed to fit any user  (regardless of age or size ) and adjusts quickly and intuitively enabling any user to achieve a good neutral posture whilst performing any office-based task – it can help in the prevention and/or relief of many workplace injuries such as RSI and neck and shoulder pain.

The OE-L200 is a standing option whereby we supply you with the necessary frame and electric motor using your existing desktop, depending on its design.

But for those clients whose budgets are restricted or the existing design of your office layout does not allow for changing frames, the most economical option is to trial this new L-E-VATE sit-stand desktopThese are a great improvement on earlier models of sit-stand worktops and are constructed of durable steel. They simply sit on top of your existing desk, whatever its design, and can be easily moved from one workstation to another without any disruption.

Durability and Value for Money are our top priorities combined with full-service support. We use our unique professional expertise as health providers to ensure that your staff are fully trained in the correct use of these chairs to obtain the maximum support for their bodies. For more details, click on these photos or brand names to access our manufacturers’ websites. Or simply Contact us for a quote or free trial.

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