Ergonomic Assessments, Postural Seating, in Guernsey

With over 20 years experience, Prime Practice is the premier destination for ergonomic advice in postural seating and workstation assessments.

Nick Guillemette originally set up Prime Practice in 1991 and worked from his St.Sampsons clinic in Guernsey until it closed in May, 2014.

He then decided to focus on expanding his Office Consultancy business which has seen increased popularity due to postural seating problems and poor ergonomics within the workplace. More and more staff are complaining about back and neck pain from being seated incorrectly for too long in front of their computer screens.

Nick’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and his vast experience at his Clinic gives him a distinct advantage when advising your staff on the best use of their office equipment, seating posture and physical problems they may be experiencing at work.

Prime Practice are now regarded as Guernsey’s premier specialists on POSTURAL SEATING and ERGONOMIC ASSESSMENTS. They have been supplying high quality office chairs to many public and private organisations, and individual clients for nearly 20 years.

And now they have added SIT-STAND DESKS to their range. There is a growing demand for this type of equipment and their expert advice on choosing the right model for your staff is vital.

Prime Practice also advises client companies on the best ergonomic use of their existing office equipment to help minimise work-related illnesses and reduced productivity caused by lost working days.

They are the main agents in Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm for the following quality office chair and sit-stand desk range of leading UK manufacturers:

Adapt chairs        Zento Range       Zenki desk and chair        L-E-Vate sit-stand desk

Nick’s philosophy at Prime Practice has always been to provide the most professional service to his clients at all times.

For more information about Ergonomic Advice for Postural Seating/Workstation Assessments/Quality Office chairs and Sit-Stand desks, please visit our Contact Page.

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