Is your workstation harming you?

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Are you taking care of your staff?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Or should you be standing and sitting?

In the old days, manual jobs and heavy lifting were the primary cause of backaches. Now, however, it is computers and poor ergonomics that are resulting in work-related illnesses and absenteeism…and that means money to both employers and employees.

More than four fifths of us are at risk of injury purely because our chairs, desks, screens and other office equipment are set incorrectly. We’re all spending more and more hours sitting in front of our computer screens without taking the necessary breaks, consequently suffering from increased muscle tension and back pain.

New ergonomic research is now acknowledging the health benefits of SIT-STAND DESKS and the resulting reduction in absenteeism and increased productivity.

All employers have a duty to take reasonable care of their employees at work, and could be in breach of Guernsey Health and Safety Laws if this is not happening.

Our independent assessments of each employee’s workstation will cover a wide range of principles, with a final report being produced to advise on the strengths and weaknesses of the current ergonomics within the workplace concerned. We will also assess any long term problems and potential costs involved to satisfy requirements.

The size of the business is irrelevant…contented employees make for maximum efficiency, and that produces results for both employer and employee.

Having provided this specialised independent service for over 25 years to both the States of Guernsey and many local companies, Nick Guillemette has found that staff productivity improves greatly through these regular checks. The assessments result in less absenteeism, and employees generally feel happier in their working environment with the knowledge that their boss considers them important enough to safeguard their health.

Whether you require an individual workstation assessment, a brand new office chair, a sit-stand desk or simply advice on how to obtain better use of your existing office equipment, Nick Guillemette at Prime Practice can help.


Nick was extremely helpful in our purchase of new office chairs for all staff here at Situations. He dealt with the ordering and delivery and individually fitted each of our staff to their new chairs, which are entirely adjustable.

Melissa Campbell

Joint MD

We are a repeat customer of Prime Practice because Nick is a professional in the true sense of the word. He is not only knowledgeable about the quality range of products that he sells but also the human physiological rationale behind the requirement for good quality office furniture, especially in our desk-bound environment.

Justin Guilbert

Managing Director

For many years Prime Practice has provided us with a valuable service in carrying out workstation assessments and suppling high quality seating and sit/stand desk options.

Garry Coutanche

Health & Safety Manager

For many years, Nick has been providing our staff with workstation assessment services as a specialist in postural office seating as well as sit and stand desks.

I have always found Nick’s service to be prompt, efficient, reliable as well as friendly and professional. 

Heidi King

HR Manager

Contact Us:

Prime Practice,
La Mouette,
Rue Des Goddards,
Castel, Guernsey.

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