We were delighted to assist Situations Recruitment by providing all their office chairs.

Nick also undertook a personal fitting to ensure each member of staff would receive the full benefit of their new chair.

Nick Guillemette’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives him a distinct advantage when advising your staff on how to best use their equipment, improve their seating posture or alleviate any physical problems they may have.

Prime Practice are the premier specialists in Guernsey on Postural Seating and Ergonomic Assessments. We’ve been supplying high quality office chairs to many Public and Private organisations throughout the Channel Islands for over 20 years. We also advise client companies on the best ergonomic use of their office equipment to help reduce work-related illnesses and low productivity caused by lost working days.

Contact Nick today: 07781 156118 or 01481 256118
Email: nicklg@cwgsy.net

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